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All the meat we produce on the farm is from animals that are reared in a stress-free environment and are free to roam both indoors and outside throughout the year.

In summer there is plenty of grass for the animals to feed on, but in winter we supplementary-feed with home grown hay, silage and locally sourced potatoes, carrots and parsnips. All our meat is professionally butchered, left to hang in our on-farm cold store for at least 5 days (usually longer) and then packed and frozen within 12 hours.

Farm Shop Opening Times

Our farm shop is open every Saturday between 10.00am – 1.00pm.
If you would like to visit outside of these hours please just ring in advance, we are generally always on the farm and happy to open for you.


Our gluten free food is currently available in our bison, venison, pork and beef ranges and includes sausages, burgers and pastry topped pies. If you have a particular request please do not hesitate to ask, we always try to oblige.


All our gluten free meat pies are handmade by Janice and Andrew.
Choose from beef, venison or bison in a rich gravy, ale or port flavoured casserole topped with pastry.
Prices start from £2.00.


Gluten Free Pork Sausages are flavoured with Apple, Old English, or Chive.
Our sausages contain 97.5% meat with 2.5% seasoning.
Plain sausages are also available.

Contact us to order now for Christmas, either by telephoning or email.

We are currently taking orders for fresh venison in time for Christmas.

Free recipe cards are available when purchasing venison or bison meats.


We are happy to make up hampers for that unusual present or can offer gift certificates for use in the shop. 

Gift certificates starting at £5.00 in value are available to spend in the farm shop. 

BBQ packs are also available in the summer months.


If you have never tried bison, you don’t know what you are missing! Bison is the most flavoursome red meat yet is low in fat and cholesterol, whilst being high in protein. It is nutritious, very tender and easy to prepare.

The Hill Farm Canadian Bison are raised as naturally as possible. We do not treat them with drugs, growth hormones, or steroids. If you are a health conscious consumer bison meat is a natural choice.


Our herd of red deer enjoy a healthy vegetarian diet consuming foods that grow in their natural habitat. They eat according to their needs and the fact that they are highly active accounts for the lower percentage of body fat and increased protein levels.

Venison is often thought of as a “gamey meat”. It all depends on how the meat has been processed, aged and prepared. Fat is what gives venison a more pronounced taste, and we always remove as much as possible when butchering. It is very easy to use venison in a variety of recipes calling for beef, veal or lamb. The meat has a number of distinct health benefits. Low in cholesterol, venison is sometimes the only red meat individuals with heart problems can eat.

Cooking tips for venison and bison: because venison and bison is so lean, do not overcook the meat. Venison is best served pink. For cooking venison or bison as a casserole it is better to cook slowly rather than hurry it, which can toughen the meat. When cooking sausages it is necessary to use some fat as the meat is so lean and may burn without. If you would like more information do not hesitate to ask.

Venison Box

Venison Box

Cost £30 or £60

This includes a selection of steak, diced, sausages and burgers.
For collection or free delivery within 10 miles. Postage will be extra if further afield.

rare breed


We have Mangalitza, Tamworth Reds and Gloucester Old Spot pigs on the farm. The taste is much more flavoursome than traditional commercial pigs. Our pigs take much longer to mature, hence the meat is much tastier. 

As well as the usual cuts / joints of meat our range includes a variety of gluten free sausages as well as pork & apple and pork & cranberry burgers.

Special Bulk Buy Offer - purchase half a pig fully-butchered to your requirements which includes chops, joints, belly pork, and sausages. Gammons available to order.

Cost is £100 per 25Kg of meat. Size is variable.

Beef And Lamb


We produce farm reared beef and lamb. We do not use growth hormones or any steroids on our livestock. Special Bulk Buy Offer - purchase half a lamb fully-butchered to your requirements - price is subject to availability. Please contact us for further details.


Our prices are as follows:


Rib Eye Steak

Fillet Steak£49.24
Rump Steak£34.99
Topside Steak£34.99
Diced Steak£16.99
Bison Burgers£1.75 EACH




Fillet Steak


Rump Steak


Diced Steak


Loin Steak


Venison Burgers£1.50
BEEFBraising Steak
Fillet Steak
Rump Steak
T Bone Steak
Diced Beef
Minced Beef
Beef Burgers
RARE BREED PORKFrying Steak£5.99
Loin Steak£9.00
Sausages - VArious£4.99
Leg Of Pork£11.00
Rolled Joint£10.00
Leg Of Lamb£7.99
Lamb Chops£9.00
Boneless Joint£9.00

We also sell a range of homemade pies cooked with port, red wine or ale. Prices start from £1.75 each.
Call or pop into Hill Farm Packington’s local farm shop today!

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